Shut Up About Rooney, Bale And Suarez!

So Wayne Rooney is "angry and confused" and wants to leave Manchester United, but he's still there, Gareth Bale wants Champions League but is still at Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsene Wenger bid one pound more than £40 million for Luis Suarez, who similarly still remains at his current club Liverpool.

This is news that everyone is aware of, and has been aware of for weeks. To be frank, I'm sick of reading about it. There are plenty of other things occurring in the football industry, transfer related or not, which could be discussed throughout the media instead of the same old story on a different day.
The three musketeers
These three players have attracted ample headlines, analysis and discussion - but the situation remains exactly the same. The trio are still at the same club that they finished last season with. 
While the transfer period may be susceptible to 'boring weeks' where news is limited, surely there are other things that could be being discussed as opposed to the lack of transfer activity linked to these stars. 

Where have the thought-provoking, inspiring pieces of writing intended to spark discussion gone? There is so much else to be talking about - who is in the race for the Premier League title for instance. With The Special One's return to Chelsea there could be interesting competition for David Moyes. 
Or what are the ambitions of clubs such as Everton and Swansea going to be this season? With managerial changes in place at Everton, what tactics are going to be employed to ensure a top six finish? Will Swansea have another successful season regarding their trophy cabinet?
What about the Championship - who is likely to gain promotion this season? What are QPR's chances of success, and how will Yeovil fare? 
Other transfer business could be discussed too, what can Wigan fans expect from the arrival of Grant Holt? What are players such as Danny Murphy (who had his contract terminated) going to be doing this season?
Football is an exciting industry because there is always something to talk about, always something to discuss, analyse, evaluate, predict. So why are we spending so much scrutinising the invisible transfer activity of three players? 

Yes they might be three of the best players in the Premier League at the moment so of course their transfer business is deemed newsworthy, but does it really need to be the top story of every sports page in the country? Personally, no it shouldn't.


  1. I expect surprise from Wigan fans over Martin Olsson, they all thought he went to Norwich!

  2. Great stuff Anna. I agree 150 per cent with it.

    Really well written as well :)

  3. But surely this is the remit of the newspaper companies, to write about the things that sell papers? The pieces about Everton etc as you so mention will be done in due course as one off articles I would assume.

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