The Five Most Inoffensive Sexist Insults

As a female football reporter, sexism is inevitable.

So here is my guide for those who wish to dole out sexist "banter" (AKA abuse) on twitter.
Can we have something more imaginative please?
Basically "lads lads lads", I'm going to make you aware of the most cliched trolling techniques and let you in on why they're not actually offensive.

Ok number 1) "Get back to the kitchen" / "she was in the kitchen" "kitchen something related" - ok so not only is this a really overused "insult", but we domesticated Gordon Ramsay's don't actually find it offensive.

Do you know why? Because funnily enough, you are correct, women do use the kitchen, and I don't want to overload you with new information but... WE ACTUALLY LIKE EATING A LOT OF FOOD TOO!

Number 2) Something appearancy related. I.e as I just got told tonight "you're not fit enough to work on sky" OR if you're being a bit wittier: "my mate would have a go on you, he banged a girl who looked like Puyol." I'll let you pick yourselves up from the floor, because I know you fell off your chair laughing at the hilarity of that one.

Ready? Ok so another thing that isn't actually offensive to us, is a twitter trolls opinion on whether we fit their (often odd) criteria of what is attractive or not. Do you know why? It's because we earn respect in the same way that men do... By actually doing our jobs well! Hard to believe isn't it.

Number 3) "what do girls know about football." Ok so this one is fairly self explanatory and the reason why we're not offended by this is also self explanatory. (If you didn't know the answer it's because as football reporters we erm actually have to know about football).

Number 4) something that implies we only watch football because we fancy the players.

No. Just no.

And finally number 5 - my personal favourite and what can be referred to as the creme da le creme. The best of the best. The all time inoffensive insult ever heard by woman.

"Do you even know the offside rule?"

Actually the answer to this is no, I don't know the offside rule, I'm just a very lucky person and every time I have shouted "offside" at a football match, for some random coincidence I appear to have been correct.

Thanks lads lads lads.

P.s there are a lot of very nice people who are not sexist and are very supportive so thanks.


  1. yeah whatever love

  2. hahahah fuck off hhahahahah

  3. Oh wow, forgot to mention how offensive comments from those too scared to show their identity are too!

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  5. Its because of those "lads" you even have a job. you almost certainly don't have a boyfriend.

    1. You got the first one wrong, and the second one correct.

      I got myself a job, and I neither have the time nor the desire for a boyfriend right now.

  6. I wish these people could realise that you - that women, or anyone - are not defined by their opinions of you. You are not measured by whether or not you have a boyfriend. Their comments are rendered ineffectual by their own ignorance and arrogance... You're doing a good job, Anna, and of course, you're right, THAT is what matters most when discussing the merit of your work.

  7. It's the nature of bullying. Appears threatening on the outside, but as soon as their argument is challenged, it falls COMPLETELY flat.

    I'm glad you're able to position yourself above these backward-thinking, stupid losers.

  8. Nice read although the structure makes me uneasy.

    1. Thanks, it's not my usual structure at all. I went for it from a more comedic slant rather than a preachy rant.

  9. I think my fellow Anon was referring to the overall layout of the article. Its an uncomfortable read. Add to that the meme that "there is nothing as boring as a sexist, than a feminist who constantly goes on about men". Feminists should promote the female agenda and/or accept that their standing in society is via their abilities - rather than beat up or engage with idiots or naysayers.

    Sadly, I think your blog got an award because you are female, not because its an exceptional blog. I don't for the recrod think this is an award winning blog, its early days and you have much to offer. I just don't think it carries much gravitas in your opnion on football. Its a collection of points, here and there.

    "The best female football blog", that is sexist in its very title. As if there are "men award" blogs and "female award" blogs, is there an award for best Islamic football blog or best Black blogger?. Personally I would return it and tell them to shove such a poxy award where the sun fails to rise. Don't allow yourself to be pandered under the title 'female' because you use the term 'feminist'. The award is a reflection of ongoing marginalisation. I hope you can see that being a feminist and all.

    1. At 17 years old I was over the moon to be presented with an award, which was voted for by the public.

      Obviously I was given the award because I'm a female, because it was a best female award.

      Given that only 3% of sports journalists are female I thought it was great that an award was being given out to celebrate female writers - if there had been just an overall best blog award I would not have stood a chance - not because my blog isn't worthy, but because as a young female my blog is less established and less well known.

      I am very happy with my work, and while I appreciate your feedback, I would take it on board if it was more constructive rather than simply telling me that in your anonymous opinion, that my blog is not exceptional nor worthy of an award.

  10. Best female? Who won the best male one? What makes an opinion about the beautiful game male or female?

    I didn't arrive on this blog because I wanted to read the "best female blog", I wanted an interesting and maybe challenging opinion. You present yourself as an aspiring journalist and a female one at that, but find your constant use of that fact as rather degrading towards women. I've been watching football with many women and men, and never once have I thought "Wow, she's a woman".

    As for critique, I would suggest a bit more thought into the articles you present. This article in question, as already stated, is uneasy. It could have been a lot more thought out, and far more pointed. However it appears lazy, its almost a tabloid response. Maybe you should have actually reprinted the genuine tweets (screen grabbed) and responded one by one and let the sheer scale of how archaic they are. But not only that, taking the higher moral high ground. Lets be honest, most of those comments aimed at you on Twitter are blokes trying to get a rise out of you. None I would imagine are genuine comments. Aside from Leon Knight, maybe.

    "As a female football reporter, sexism is inevitable." - Really? I found that lazy, almost as if you encourage it. I want more background to a statement like that. There's nothing in the article that suggests it aside from, like this, anon comments.

    Your blog as a whole is predictable. I want a voice, a real voice that wants to survive in the industry long term. In your Scudamore article there was a lack of brevity about not only the case itself, but the issue at hand. It wasn't *just* sexism, it was inappropriate behaviour in a position of power in a game that struggles with the "white old man" syndrome, I found it insulting you only touched on the underlying damage that has caused and the message it sends out.

    You say also "As I said in my blog just under a year ago, I am a sports journalist. My gender is of no importance." If its of no importance, why do you mention it so often? Why must your gender be referenced as context - if its exactly that as you seek. Best people for the job, no barriers for progression.

    Can football governance be truly diverse? Will it always be seeking tokenism for acceptance? There's an article.

    I do wish you the best though. I like you because you are out there, getting it done. I hope you find that voice. One of my favourite bloggers @PennyRed does feminism credit without turning it onto boring subject. If football can become truly diverse its impact will be felt throughout the globe due to its spread. Did you know theres more countries affiliated to FIFA, than recognised and affiliated by the UN? What happens at the top gets pushed out everywhere.

  11. "So if it's so predictable and annoying for you, then don't read it! I appreciate constructive feedback, but much more if it's direct to me."

    I see you have turned to twitter to slag me off, that's highly professional of you. If you don't like anon comments, don't offer that option. I have come here because an award bought me here, I am invited to comment and I have. Why not take the comments as they are intended, criticism.

    To return your advice, if you don't like criticism, don't invite it. Nothing I have said is without foundation which I have justified.

    I am not a "hater" and I am not a "troll". An easy and pointless way out of addressing my honest opinion.

    1. I didn't refer to you as a troll or a hater, but your criticism would have stood better with me if you weren't anonymous.

      Yes you are invited to comment, but telling me that YOU don't think my blog, the blog I pay to run, the blog I turn to, to share MY opinion with, is worthy of winning an award that was decided by the PUBLIC, is not criticism which I find constructive.

      I appreciate your time to comment but I am bored of you telling me how to do feminism, and what I should and shouldn't write on MY blog.

      Sexism is a huge problem within football, and it is something I will always write about until it diminishes.

      It's obvious that I write about sexism in football, and it is blatantly obvious that I will continue to write about it, therefore I would suggest that if you don't like it, you do stop reading my blog.

      Because I will be writing about sexism in football until the cows come home.

  12. Cannot see where I commented that you should or shouldn't write about sexism. I do however feel that you are not doing the feminist cause (which I am a massive supporter of BTW) particular harm, it does become tiresome when its the same sitting at the table.

    Whilst commenting is allowed here, I will comment, as that is the power I can exercise. I will choose to read here, as that is also the right the blog affords me. Whether I agree or disagree with you is irrelevant. You neither know what gender I am, my age, or my experience. Instead its just my opinion, and I choose not for it to be wrapped in prejudicial baggage.

    If sexism is such a massive problem in football, why not do some actual digging, some proper research, get under the skin of football. Having read many of your posts, you just appear to be repeating that same line, prove it with some accounts.

    I shall look forward to reading you getting sensitive on your twitter account.

    1. For the last time, I do not appreciate you telling me how I should or should not tackle sexism in football.

    2. Perhaps I am not the voice you are looking for, my blog doesn't appeal to everyone.

      But it is my blog, and just as you have the right to comment, I have the right to write about whatever I want, whenever I want, in whatever way I want.