The Football Blogging Awards

Without sounding sickeningly cliched, my life changed the day I wrote my first ever blog.

It was on the 17th of February 2013, and I spontaneously decided to write a blog. After reading Mr Mikey Delap's blogs about Blackburn Rovers for quite some time, I had the urge to do the same - and write about my thoughts on football.

I caught the bug, and since then my time has been spent gaining experience and contacts, going to events such as the Raise Your Game conferences put on by Kick It Out, attending Non League football matches and writing up to four separate match reports for different publications, and completing my A-Levels.

My dream to become a sports journalist only came to me after I wrote that first blog, and since then I have been lucky enough (and worked hard enough) to be able to experience some incredible things, such as interviewing Rovers' all time leading goalscorer Simon Garner, going to Jose Mourinho's press conference last summer as part of my work experience with the Daily Mirror, being interviewed by the BBC for an apprenticeship and of course, winning the best Female Football Blog award at the 2013 Football Blogging Awards.

I recently achieved A*A*A in Philosophy, Psychology and Religious Education and am now taking a gap year. I am visiting China for a month (which means no Twitter, facebook, Google or blogspot!) and hope to study for my NCTJ qualification from home while working at my local Waitrose.

One of the key focuses of my gap year is simply to be taking as many opportunities as I possibly can.

Right now the Football Blogging Awards have reopened for voting, as have the Football Supporters Federations awards. I'm sure you have seen me tweeting about how you can vote for me, and I'm beyond grateful to everyone who has already voted for me.

Winning the FBAs last year was something I never, ever imagined. And I didn't imagine just how much it would mean to me. Not only for my future (hopefully) career, but for the amount of work I've put into creating and developing 90 Minutes More, it would be absolutely incredible to win the FBA's for a second year.

To vote for me, you can simply tweet: "I am voting in @TheFBAs for @annalouiseadams as best #Female football blog".

If you don't have or use Twitter you can vote by clicking this link: http://www.footballbloggingawards.co.uk/vote-now/ and filling your name / email in and writing "Anna-Louise Adams" in the "female" category, and you will be sent an email to confirm your vote.

Nominations for Blogger of the Year are also open for the Football Supporters Federations Awards, and if you would like to nominate me for that, you can do so by emailing: awards@fsf.org.uk - in the email all you have to say is "I am nominating Anna-Louise Adams of www.90minutesmore.co.uk for the Blogger of the Year award" by 9am on Friday the 17th of October.

I know some of you will get sick of me tweeting about the Football Blogging Awards, but every single vote brings me closer to my dream career, and I appreciate all the support that all my followers, and blog readers have given me over the last 17 months.

I doubt any of you know much it has meant to me! 

P.s, I am going to try and post a blog before I go to China, and will *try* to write a few extras before I go to leave in the hands of my mother to post for me (don't hold me to that because, as wonderful as my mother is, I don't think blogspot and Twitter are her strong points!)

P.p.s - I am always open to suggestions for new blog posts - feel free to comment / tweet / message me the sort of things you might like to read and if I think I can write about it then I will! 

Anna x


  1. The FBA's are quite flawed. It's all about how many people follow you, and your website. Blogs with less recognition but with quality content get overlooked so so easily.

  2. I agree with the above comment in regards to the FBA's being a popularity contest, where in general mediocre blogs with big followings (usually Premier League related blogs) get credit.

    However, this girl is a talented writer. She's may be young, rough around the edges and pretty opinionated - but she writes with passion and that usually means a good read.

  3. The 2014 Football Blogging Awards are under way. The only awards for online football journalists, they are in their third year, with the awards ...

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