Mourinho Wrong To Demote Carneiro

While managers nowadays tend to pick up the majority of the blame when something goes wrong at a football club, does this really mean that they are above the rest of their staff and the welfare of their players and team?

Jose Mourinho would appear to believe so. He has now demoted Eva Carneiro after he was unhappy that the club doctor ran onto the pitch to treat Hazard during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Swansea on Saturday.

It has since been revealed by Sam Wallace of the Independent that the doctor was beckoned onto the pitch twice by referee Michael Oliver. This means that under the General Medical Council good medical practice guidelines, it would have been compulsory for Carneiro to enter the pitch after being beckoned. 

I have seen some suggestions that Carneiro’s gender had an impact on Mourinho’s decision to demote her - I completely disagree with that, I don’t think Mourinho made this call in a sexist light, he would have done it to anybody.

The problem here is Mourinho not putting his players safety at the forefront of his mind - which is not only illogical (in my opinion) for a football manager anyway, but is quite frankly, selfish. 

Nobody wants to see a player injured, and if a player does go down, everyone wants to see them back up and running as soon as physically possible. 

What bothers me in particular is that Jose Mourinho is a football club manager, and Eva Carneiro is a football club doctor. They have two entirely different roles. I highly doubt that Carneiro would see it as part of her job role to whisper to Mourinho on the sidelines that he was making the wrong substitution, so why does The Special One therefore have the power to criticise and demote a club doctor, for doing exactly what is required of her?

Mourinho is an extremely talented football manager, I’d go as far to say he’s the best manger in the Premier League - but he is not the best club doctor. Being the best manager in the league does not equate to a divine right to intervene with another colleagues duties, or in fact attempt to prevent a player who has gone down receiving medical attention. 


  1. As far as the team managers determines who becomes part of his back room staff,he can fire/hire or demoted anyone who he/she does not share his philosophy at any particular time.
    i however think that Jose chose the wrong medium to spill his concern,for me this could have been done out of media.
    sad not have Eva on the bench but life goes on.#cfc for live.

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