Start Of The New Season

The summer is always a weird time period for me as a football fan. Having worked in the industry throughout the season, it’s nice to spend a few weeks not thinking about the game. It’s also nice as a fan not to have that emotional investment in a team. It can be absolutely draining - especially when you support a team like Blackburn Rovers.

This summer I’ve really switched off from the game though, transfer news and gossip has gone in one ear and out the other, unless it’s been Rovers related in which case I’ve taken a brief interest in it. Any time a friend or a colleague has started a conversation about Blackburn I have responded with ‘I don’t really want to talk about it’. During the summer I tend not to worry or even think about what my club is doing because I know that even if I disagree with it, realistically there is nothing I can do to prevent it. It makes more sense for me to just compartmentalise football and think about it when the football season starts again.

I didn’t watch any of the Women’s World Cup - this was unintentional, I had planned to watch most of the games, particularly England’s but I just didn’t have the time. I was enjoying my last summer before I start University in September and it just flew by me. I was lucky enough to attend the Women’s FA Cup Final, thanks to the hospitality of the sponsors SSE. That was a wonderful day, and was a great way for me to start the new season. 

What this means though, the whole completely switching your football brain off over the summer, is that I spend as much time as possible in the two days before the new season cramming absolutely everything football in. This morning I finally put together my Fantasy Football Team and got set up in a few leagues. I’ve started a Women’s Fantasy Football League too, as I discovered that there were no other women in any of the leagues I’m playing in so if you want the code to that please tweet me at @annalouiseadams.

I also spent a good 30 minutes transferring funds to my Sky Bet account as it kept declining my bank card and PayPal refused to cooperate. In the end I had to send a transfer from my bank to PayPal and then a transfer from PayPal to Sky Bet. Ridiculous but I got there in the end. I’m so terrible at betting but it’s also so addictive. 

What’s left on my list is making sure The Football League show and Match of the Day are on series link record, I need to pay to join in the predictions league at BBC Radio Shropshire, and I want to get this season’s new shirt - if Rhodesy stays he can have his name on the back of it, if he goes - god knows who will be on the back of it.

Anyway, I just wanted to make this quick post to get back in touch with everyone because I know it’s been quiet recently. I’m hoping that something will make me angry enough to spark a blog post fairly soon. I am planning on publishing a weekly newsletter type piece though, letting people know about offers, new products, ticket applications and the like - if you ever have anything that you think should be featured on here please do contact me on annalouiseadams@hotmail.com, tweet me at @annalouiseadams. Also give us a like on Facebook at Facebook.com/90minutesmore and follow me on instagram @annalouiseadams.

In other news I’m back presenting for @UnitedStandMUFC on Sunday night. I’m moving to London on the 19th of September which I absolutely cannot wait for, and as always thanks for all of your continued support. May the best teams win tomorrow. Let me know in the comments who’s in your Fantasy Football Teams and who’ve you got bets on for tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my team and my bets tomorrow morning on twitter.

Anna x


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