The Football Blogging Awards Are Back

The time has come again where my social media accounts will be full of tweets pestering you guys for votes - the Football Blogging Awards 2015 has begun.

I was lucky enough to win the Best Female Football Blogger award in 2013, and was a finalist in 2014. This year the female category does not exist, so I will be running for Best Young Football Blogger.

For those new readers of my website, I’ll give you a little bit of background - I am currently 19 and have been blogging about football for just over two and a half years now. I started blogging about the club I support, Blackburn Rovers, and then began a new website to discuss anything in football.

My blog has always been a little bit different, in that I rarely write football analysis, you’ll struggle to find talk of tactics, formations, stats or even general match review on 90 Minutes More.

What I like to think you’ll find is thought provoking pieces which explore the parameters of our beautiful game. I prefer to identify problems within the game, assess the arguments, pros / cons, and try to come up with a plausible solution to the problem. 

Many of my pieces discuss sexism, homophobia, racism - the morality of the game. I’ve been lucky enough over the past few years to amass a readership who advise me, give me constructive criticism, and who, more than anything, have supported me in all of the opportunities that have been presented to me.

As a young football blogger, where jobs are increasingly hard to come by - and with the rise of social media allowing websites to frequently recruit young bloggers who will write for free, it can be really tough for those of us aiming for a career. It means that we don’t really stop because there is so much competition to get the gig, even when it’s unpaid - because we all know that in the long run, recognition of hard work will get us further than being paid for blogging.

Fortunately I’ve been lucky enough to have the time to manage blogging with part time jobs, completing my A-Levels, and an apprenticeship but not everyone is as lucky as I am to have such a wonderful support network, therefore I urge you to vote in the Football Blogging Awards, in any category. It’s a fantastic platform to showcase the talent within the blogging industry, and this year the judges round has got stronger too - which will help to eliminate the idea of it being just a ‘popularity contest’. 

To vote for me all you need to do is tweet: “I am voting for @annalouiseadams in @TheFBAs as best #Young football blogger”.

Once again, thank you for all the support, and happy blogging awards season!


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